Test Drive
This quick little overview is meant to help people who may not have purchased a vehicle before understand some of the steps needed in the process of purchasing a vehicle. First off, if you are going to be buying a vehicle, you will probably want to take a test drive first. In order to test drive a vehicle, the only documentation that you will need is a current U.S. driver license.
If you make the decision to purchase a vehicle, there are some documents that you will need to have in order. If you plan on simply paying the full amount up front, the only thing you need is a government issued photo ID for the purchaser (and co-purchaser if there is one), and current vehicle insurance info (needed to license the vehicle). If you plan on financing the vehicle, we are able to help with that, as we have relationships with many banks and credit unions in the area, and will work to get you the loan that best fits your financial needs.

When financing, you will still need valid photo ID and insurance info, as well as your most current pay stub, preferably showing your year-to-date earnings. With this information, we will be able to run a credit check, and if you do not have a lender that you prefer to use, we will begin searching for the best finance options available.

Some Examples of Valid Photo ID:
  • Driver's license or state identification certificate issued by a state or territory of the United States.
  • United States or foreign passport.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services identification document.
The document must include a photo of yourself, a unique identification number, and an expiration date.
Trade In
If you are going to trade in a vehicle toward your vehicle purchase, there are a couple of things that are needed. First, if your trade in is not fully paid off, we will need the contact information of the current leinholder. Second, you will need to bring in the title and current registration of your trade in vehicle.
Something to note:
If you are not a resident of Washington, you will not pay Washington sales tax. You will pay the corresponding sales tax for your state of residence.